Dee & Mark Saunders, γονείς

“When we first met Eirini, we felt she was very brave. Not only had she come to another country to study but also she had come to a stranger’s house to spend time with our son who has autism, while being watched by several people through a webcam.

We remember her first session with Luca because it was very obvious that she was a ‘natural’.  Language was not a problem for someone who was so engaging and open with our son… her enthusiasm, passion and desire to learn and adapt, turning the occasional language difficulties into an opportunity to laugh was a wonderful thing to watch.
Luca is 16 now and is a wonderfully articulate young man with a great sense of humour and an amazing  imagination.
It has been inspiring and moving to hear of Eirini’s progress in helping people with autism and  we feel very privileged to have been her very first Son-Rise family. We wish her all the best with the inspirational journey she continues to pursue.

The families and children she touches now and in the future will surely be blessed.”